Increase Engagement and Communication with Stakeholders and Potential Customers Instantly!

Mass Text enables Customers to receive real time messages and information on their mobile devices via SMS. Alesig Mass Text supports the State National Guard in recruiting outreach programs and communication with candidates to effectively and efficiently reach its network.

Why use SMS?

81% of Americans text daily, sending 6 Billion texts daily across the USA. SMS messaging works on any smartphone because its technology is built in. This makes it much more convenient than software or apps to connect with potential targets – customers, recruits, or clients (and it’s impossible to delete!). Alesig’s Mass Text offers government departments and agencies a texting solution and mobile app to reach the majority of their customers.

Mass Text Features

  • Two way communication with different stakeholders
  • Ability to do drip messages
  • Schedule messages based on the most ideal time of the day
  • Create messages using predefined templates
  • Create keyword groups that users can subscribe to for marketing outreach or alerts, like Recruiting Bonuses, or Exciting Opportunities
  • Create Campaigns, where you can notify users around particular queries

Mass Text Delivers Important Reporting on their Outreach

  • Assess response to campaigns
  • Monthly Summary Report
  • Analytics Dashboards and Metrics that inform agencies