Biometrics Technology


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Developing strong partnerships with our customers is critical in identifying and addressing their technology needs to propel them into the future. Alesig Consulting transforms current business processes into solutions employing best practices developed from across our Federal, state, regional, and local government experiences. We also integrate the latest in technologies that we use for our private sector customers, advancing information management. Alesig Consulting balances cost efficiencies with advanced technologies to provide inventive solutions.

Alesig's solution with the iPad allows mystery rider staff to observe service, record data, and trigger priority notifications for certain events in real time. The iPad's ability to seamlessly integrate GPS to automatically collect time-point data is an important component of the program...The collection of data electronically allows for near real-time report submission, which in turn helps improve the passenger experience in a more expeditious manner.

Fairfax Co. Dept. of Transportation Transportation Planner/Customer Service Manager