Gisela Ghani


Gisela Ghani, Founder and CEO

As CEO and founder of Alesig Consulting, Gisela Ghani is a passionate problem solver and management consulting leader. With a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, she started her career as a technologist, building her career with progressive roles and responsibilities at Federal Express, KPMG, BearingPoint, and Technology Solution Providers before starting Alesig Consulting in 2007.

As Alesig’s CEO, Gisela is responsible for fostering and fortifying Alesig’s vibrant culture, refining and expanding core business capabilities, strategic markets and development, and organizational growth. She credits Alesig’s performance and evolution to its holistic focus on tailored business processes, solutions, and best practices for customers in Federal, state, regional, and local government.

Gisela loves to travel and enjoys (hiking/backpacking/) outdoors.

There are over 12.3 million woman-owned businesses in the United States, generating $1.8 trillion in revenue each year. Alesig Consulting in Falls Church, Virginia, is a certified SBA WOSB/EDWOSB, and a member of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. In 2022, Alesig debuted on the Inc. 5000 list and is certified CMMI DEV 3, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, and 9001.

Mahe Rangareddy

Mahe Rangareddy, Chief Operating Officer

As COO of Alesig Consulting, Mahe brings several decades of technology innovation and leadership, M&A, and business process management to our organization. A champion of innovation and mentorship, Mahe’s communication, leadership, and organizational skills have allowed him to excel at managing high-performing IT professionals, fostering strong customer relationships, and motivating insightful and accountable teams. His areas of expertise include Product Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, leading large software development teams employing CMMI Level 5 process and performing complex support activities, especially in IT infrastructure. 

Formerly the CTO at Alpha Omega, Mahe led their Total Solutions Group (TSG) for federal customers and spearheaded key acquisitions to drive nearly 35% growth year-over-year. His management history spans numerous agencies and includes the execution and delivery of a wide range of complex consulting engagements. Mahe received his MBA from The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and serves on their Dean’s Alumni Advisory Board. Currently, Mahe is very focused on emerging technologies and their impact and threat to cybersecurity.

Mahe is an avid traveler and lives with his wife and 2 daughters in Northern Virginia. 

Goodwin Ting

Goodwin Ting, Chief Strategist & Growth Officer

Goodwin Ting is responsible for developing and leading Alesig’s business growth plans and value-added client solutions. He also guides process enhancements for the company’s business operations to ensure the highest level of efficiency and scalability for growth.

Goodwin’s expertise includes the application of industry best practices to optimize technical solutions and achieve customers’ mission and business objectives. He brings a solution-oriented approach to partnering with customers. With 25+ years of experience in designing, developing, implementing, and integrating technical solutions for U.S. federal and state government agencies, he has also worked with international public sector clients in defense, public healthcare, social services, law enforcement, and public transportation verticals.

Before joining Alesig, Goodwin served in various senior business management and technical leadership roles including ERT, Powertek, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Eastman Kodak. Goodwin has more than 20 years of experience developing strategies and leading business growth and operations at an executive level, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large corporate divisions with over $1 Billion in annual revenues.

Goodwin earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Johns Hopkins University, and both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Rochester Institute of Technology, respectively.

Goodwin has traveled to all 50 states in the US, and over 40 countries. Ferdinand Magellan sailed around the world in 1519, but Goodwin circumnavigated the globe by airplane six times, equaling 149,406 miles.

Legia Faria

Legia Faria, Chief Administrative Officer

As CAO of Alesig Consulting, Legia has overseen the entire company’s growth since its founding. Now in her role, she focuses on finance and the keeping of accounts as well as running the back office of the organization and its licenses and certifications. She is also the facility security officer for Alesig and handles contract review and payroll. Legia has worked in corporate finance and administration environments for over 20 years.

Legia supported the implementation of the company’s Standard Operating Procedures and helped establish Alesig Consulting’s ISO-certified Quality Management System. Legia has expertise in strategic planning, budget control, organizational design, and the development and implementation of corporate policies. In addition to implementing strong financial policies and governance for Alesig, she is always monitoring the bottom line of every financial transaction.

Before joining Alesig, Legia worked in the non-profit community and provided financial guidance and counseling to numerous clients. She has a master’s degree and 3 bachelor’s degrees.

When Legia wants to take a break from her reports and spreadsheets, she loves to travel, try new foods, and learn about different cultures. Did you know that salt was once so valuable that it was used as currency? That’s where we get the word “salary;” from the Latin “salarium” for wages paid in salt.

Musa Ghani

Musa Ghani, Chief Technical Officer

Musa Ghani manages and collaborates with Alesig teams and partners in the strategy and implementation of the database, telecommunications, transportation management, content management, and mobile applications development. He has over 20 years supporting and managing complete project life cycles, including requirements gathering, analysis, design, implementation, and quality assurance.

Musa has a passion for solving complex business challenges through innovation and commitment to service excellence. He spearheaded Alesig’s Transit Division and is also the architect and designer of a transit customer service program that has been implemented and deployed by transit agencies around the country. His niche area of expertise is the design and implementation of mobile applications for iOS and Android OS and designing social media sites.

Musa has served as the CTO of TSP and in Software engineer/technical roles for Vignette, Fed Ex, and Verizon.

Musa earned a master’s in Computer Engineering and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as a board member for multiple companies and nonprofit organizations.

There are 63 major National Parks in the United States, of which Musa has hiked over fifteen. In addition to hitting the trails, he tinkers with his laser cutter in his spare time.

Chuck Ellis

Chuck Ellis, Vice President of Government Programs

Chuck manages delivery operations across Alesig’s portfolio of Federal programs, including customer satisfaction, project performance, revenue, profit, and staffing. He develops and implements strategies for growth in multiple agencies and supports Alesig’s pipeline of new business opportunities, leveraging our technical capabilities and contract vehicles.

Chuck has more than 28 years of experience managing and implementing information technology solutions for Federal civilian, DoD, and commercial customers. His management experience spans a wide range of technology projects including software development, data warehousing, cyber security, data center management, and help desk operations.

Before joining Alesig, Chuck held management and technical positions with both large and small companies, managing organizations with more than 150 staff.

Chuck earned an MBA from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business with a concentration in Information Technology. He also earned undergraduate degrees in Information Systems Management and Economics from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). Chuck has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute since 2011.

Pizza is so popular in the US that Americans eat approximately 350 slices of pizza per second. Chuck, however, loves to cook all types of cuisine and makes killer pizza from scratch.

Joey Walker

Joseph (Joey) Walker, Director of Operations

As the Director of Operations at Alesig, Joey works collaboratively in the design and development of smart solutions for a wide range of business challenges. He successfully galvanized leadership and implemented transformative business strategies to support human resources and back-office management as we continue to grow.

Joey is a noteworthy leader in Client Relationship Management, Business Operations, and Human Resources with over 20 years of experience. He is an ambitious professional with a proven record of cultivating flourishing work environments with motivated and engaged personnel.

Before joining Alesig, Joey managed C-Suite relationships with Fortune 500 companies, Legal 100 Firms, government agencies, and boutique law firms, and redefined and implemented support models for a multinational organization. Joey holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Joey currently lives in Denver, CO, and can often be found in Washington DC or Seattle, working with the Alesig team and/or clients. When not traveling coast to coast for work, Joey trades his suitcase for a toolbox working on his current restoration project, a 1901 Victorian house in the heart of Denver.

Denver was founded in 1858 and the following year, gold was discovered 100 miles south in Pikes Peak ushering in the Colorado gold rush, which is why people pursuing gold in the mountains were called “Fifty-Niners” for 1859.

Catherine Angwin

Catherine Angwin, Program Manager

Catherine works as a Program Manager on the transit side of the house. She originally joined Alesig to drive our Quality Assurance (QA) process and development. Catherine successfully led our certification and recertification of global quality and security standards CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000-1:2018, and ISO 27001:2013.

Catherine’s skills in communication, consensus-building, and analysis make her an invaluable member of the Executive Team. Her expertise in managing organizational improvement and efficiencies creates a collaborative work environment, and she often challenges the status quo to develop innovative, simple, and intuitive solutions that support company business development, growth, and capabilities.

Catherine is a Certified ScrumMaster® and earned a B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Catherine is an avid hiker and backpacker; she backpacked the Grand Canyon in 2019, as well as Half Dome, and Angel’s Landing. The Grand Canyon is the most frequently visited national park in the United States and has been inhabited by humans for nearly 12,000 years. It was preserved and protected by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906.